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After hearing the news in 2005 and seeing the images of devastation & despair left behind when Hurricanes ripped through New Orleans and surrounding areas Damien Reilly new it was time for his good fortune in life to benefit others much less fortunate. Always having a strong musical connection with the area, his record collection brimming with blues influenced vinyls from the past 40 years, being an accomplished musician and a strong business connection with the USA he new this was his calling. Hurricane Healing is a project that will continue to grow long as the project evolves with new music in the form of compilations released every year and revenues that go straight to the areas that need it most.

His diverse and far reaching global networks in technology provide Blue Pie Productions with a market leading edge in web based communication systems. Damien has built systems for some of Australia's leading companies including Energy Australia, Cotton Australia, KPMG AUSTRALIA and Intelligent Smart Cards to name a few, Mr. Reilly is a specialist in the practical application and integration of web based communication systems for business. Damien has over 18 years IT experience. He is an accomplished musician, composer and producer with numerous international recording credits to his name and top 40 chart achievements. Blue Pie Productions is receiving critical acclaim worldwide. The company is enjoying global recognition with Damien leading his team with successful licenses, chart positions and sales of the Blue Pie catalogue in Australia, USA, UK, Italy and Asia.

Please refer to:

VP Business Development USA

Jon Taber is a seasoned executive and product manager with extensive experience in the fields of:

· software development 
· web design and hosting
· wholesale and retail sales
· design, manufacturing and distribution of computers
· manufacturing of semiconductors 
· design, manufacturing and sales of food and toys
· management of hospitality facilities 
· management of medical services

Jon’s vast experience and wisdom add ‘depth’ to the Hurricane Healing team in every sense of the word.

Jon is known for founding and growing corporate and branch operations of hightech firms and effectively leading teams involved in product design and development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and customer support. He is a strong communicator, creative and organisational strengths, find and seize business opportunities and deliver profitable, on-time performance for Fortune 1000 clients, 36 colleges and universities, numerous business associations, conventions, sales organizations and community service groups. His most popular programs deal with improving leadership skills and improving business performance. Jon and his wife (Judy) are co-authoring books, computer software and audio/visual tools to facilitate self-discovery and performance improvement.

Corporate Affairs

Colin has been actively involved in copyright and intellectual property management for nearly 20 years. He manages corporate affairs and intellectual property protection for Blue Pie, our artists and the Blue Pie global catalogue of music. His work ensures that Hurricane Healing’s rights issues, both locally and overseas, are dealt with on a Global Best Practice basis. Colin has been a key member in the establishment of Blue Pie’s strategic alliances with firms like FINTAGE and ARIA and his knowledge of the intricacies of I.P. Law mean our business model is properly protected.

Colin has been a Partner in the boutique legal practice, Simpson’s Solicitors where he’s advised on all aspects of the licensing and commercialisation of intellectual property, litigation, venture structuring and the management of intellectual property rights in businesses and organisations. He has also acted as Corporate Counsel and Legal & Business Affairs Manager for Polygram Australia, overseeing the acquisition and creation of recordings and films as well as managing the administration and enforcement of the company’s extensive catalogues of copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property. He was a member of the Australian Record Industry Association’s Copyright Committee for five years and sat on the Ethics Committee of The Law Society of New South Wales dealing with complex ethics issues.





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